Sunday, September 17, 2017

Did your laptop hinges break or are they seizing up?

This is a very common problem and affects almost every laptop make and model. 

The damage occurs, apart from the laptop being dropped, because of the hinges slowly seizing up from normal use.

Broken laptop hinge lifting up the top cover

Hinges are for some reason not lubricated in the factory, and due to external conditions, they slowly start seizing up, making the laptop screen harder and harder to close and open.

The result, is the screen ripping out the stumps from the bottom case of the laptop or the stumps from the screen top lid.

Hinges ripped out of the screen lid

This can be very dangerous for your laptop, as through the hinges runs the video cable (connecting the screen panel with the motherboard), as well as the camera and WiFi antenna cables.

If these are ripped out, the repair will be very costly, usually not worth the money.

This is one of the reasons you have to get a laptop serviced at least once every two years (every year if you get's used more than 3-4 hours a day.

If you feel that your screen is getting too hard to open and close, get it serviced by a reputable repairer.

The laptop screen has to have the hinges loosened and lubricated best with a special oil containing particles of graphite, or a sewing machine fine oil will do the trick too.

Always ask your repairer to tell you exactly what is going to be done during the service. If you don't get the correct answer, look for another repairer.

If you are on the Gold Coast, we can help you with this problem.

Get any make and model laptop hinges fixed/repaired or replaced fast,
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Laptop screens broken, cracked, shattered.

Laptop screens are getting more and more fragile, simply because of the need to shrink laptop size and thickness.

We are all paying the price for that, resulting in far more broken laptop screens than ever before.

What are the most common things we do to damage our laptop screens?

  1. Dropping the laptop
  2. Leaving something on the keyboard and closing the screen (the most common are USB drives and pens)
  3. Frustration causing us hitting the screen

We have seen it all, and the best one we've had so far was a laptop run over with the customers own car. I wish we had taken a photo of it at the time, would've looked great on this page.

There are things that we can do to prevent the screen damage, to a certain extent:

  1. Use a quality laptop carry bag or cover
  2. Apply a protective tempered glass if available for your model
  3. Being aware of how we transport the laptop 

1. A hard cover is the best option out there, usually a full aluminium bag is the best. Don't waste your money on soft bags, they will do nothing for you.

Most probably the best laptop protection solution.

2. There is a protective tempered glass available for most models, just make sure you purchase it from a reputable dealer, as there are many fakes sold out there and applying one of these would result in no protection at all.

Tempered glass provides extra protection for screen impact damage.

3. 90% of laptop screen damage happens during transport. We always have to be aware how we transport the laptop. The majority of laptop screens get damaged when placed into the overhead compartment on a plane and somebody else tries to force a larger bag into an already full compartment. 

If your laptop is behind this luggage, good luck!

If the damage has already happened, you have to be aware of a few important questions you have to ask your repairer, as you know that not all of them are as honest as we would like them to be:

  1. Ask about the brand and quality of the screen panel you are having installed. There are inferior generic screen panels out there that you do not want. (Samsung and LG are two of the best, you cannot go wrong with)
  2. Ask about the repairers experience with replacing screens, as there are right and wrong ways of installing a laptop screen, especially a touch screen
  3. Always make sure you get a full 1 year warranty on the screen panel (if they refuse to give you a full 1 year warranty, turn around and RUN!)

If you are on the Gold Coast, we can help you with the repair. With 20 years of laptop repair experience, you can't go wrong.

We install only original screens with a full 1 year warranty for any laptop make and model, we can do it usually the same day or max 24hrs with a 100% satisfaction warranty!

Friday, September 15, 2017

Computer cooling problems

Why is my laptop overheating and running slow?

This is one of the most common questions we get asked and here's a full simple explanation in plain

Your laptop processor (CPU) and graphics card (GPU), generate a lot of heat, especially top of the line performance and gaming laptos, like Alienware, ASUS ROG, or MSI.

This is why a laptop has to have it's own cooling system, which consists of a heatsink and a fan.

A simple common laptop cooling system

A gaming computer's cooling system

A complex cooling system

What is the most common cause of a cooling system fail?

The most common cause is very simple. Your cooling system as any other system with a fan, drives a lot of air that contains dust and other particles, through a heat sink, that is basically a fine-ribbed radiator.

The dust and all other particles start sticking to the walls of the heat sink, slowly clogging up the airflow supposed drive the heat out of the laptop.

It can get to a point, where there is zero air flowing through the heat sink, causing the laptop to overheat.

A couple of cases of clogged up cooling systems:

The cooling system clogging up, is the single BIGGEST KILLER OF LAPTOPS!

The second problem with a laptop cooling system failing, is a cooling fan that has partially, or totally seized up.

In both of these cases, the whole problem can be fixed by a full hardware system service.

Be aware of your laptop repair "expert" that will be executing the service, will actually dismantle the cooling system (for which to do so on most models the whole motherboard has to be extracted from the laptop, as the cooling system is mounted on the bottom of it.

Some "cowboys" will try to take a shortcut (which they think will work), by blowing compressed air into the heat sink from the outside through the heat sink grill, which seams as a good idea, but trust me, after 20 years of laptop repair experience, IT IS NOT!

The reason is simple, just check out what happens when this is attempted:

Yes the fluff collected and clogging up the heat sink is blown into the fan, blocking it from spinning, in some cases, as in this one, it even broke a couple of the fan blades.

Make sure you ask your repairer, how is he actually going to execute the service. 

If you do not get the correct answer, turn around and.....RUN!

For this reason ALWAYS get your laptop serviced by a reputable repairer at least once a year!

Did your laptop hinges break or are they seizing up? This is a very common problem and affects almost every laptop make and model.  The...